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kaligoddess: It was SO EPIC to get pics with you. I seriously wore that costume just for the meetup (literally for all of 45 min) so I could rep FF4 After Party with someone else. And the gal dressed as Edward was an awesome surprise!! You did a great job leading up the whole shoot, I was impressed. Also your costume was gorgeous, way to rock pregnant Rosa.

Zaiten: There were only like 10 people around not cosplaying when those were taken... you should have been like "hey! this is me!" since clearly I didn't recognize the face, my bad! Really nice pic of my little FF4 group though, thank you so much. I guess maybe we didn't have much time to talk since it was cold and my friend & I wimped out after like 5 min of being outside.

MetalArtisan: Yea, was a really special moment when you stopped to notice Chrono Trigger and I was like HEY I KNOW YOU. And how cool your black mage coat was up close! Can't wait to see your other ideas, specially your white mage concept.

Katsucon WAS pretty awesome for oldschool stuff. I was shocked that FF4 outnumbered FF6 at the FF gathering though! Ran into a bunch of Terras and Lockes scattered around the con though. Wasn't able to catch the Tellah & Rydia on Sunday, they were always on the wrong floor of the con at the wrong time, but I saw them from a distance several times.
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