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I was in the middle of my own private shoot Sunday when I spotted the Rydia and Tellah, so I couldn't harass them. We were actually gunning to use the same balcony they were shooting on, but had to go to the opposite side. I'm kind of curious whether they'll be in the background when I get my shots back.

I had Rosa on for about 2 hours total, for the FF shoot and for my private shoot. The Edward is toeskater91 I believe. After the FF shoot, I thought I didn't have any pictures of us together and then realized that my friend had been taking pictures for me. I would have been pissed otherwise.

Fortunately, now I have about 9 months to get my next costumes going. I've decided on Edward and Harley, but it's still a tossup over whether my partner in crime will be able to tolerate Harley's wig or not. Also, I need to restring my dulcimer properly and learn myself some FF IV music.
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