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@Seifer : Yeah I'm trying not to kill myself. Saturday and today I took a bit of breathers. Today I finished my props with sealing the paint and made a pattern for Rydia's boots... but it was more a relief day because a friend who I mostly just see at cons stopped by with his mom on their way home from Ottawa (he lives in Mississauga - a good 2-3 hours from where I live!)

He wanted to steal my Final Form coat that I slaved over for three to four days painting the designs xD Because his is inaccurate... (I was being picky with mine)

But yeah I'll be adding a gradient to it. I'll do the gradient after the dress is put together. And then all those feathers @_@ So many feathers. She's already running me about $85.... and I still have to buy wigs, mesh for the wings, and longer feathers *headdesk*

I think I'll be having more fun with Kuja.
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