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Originally Posted by JasonTerror View Post
I say thi9s because I have already done it on a stand up collar (pretty close to that one) and it looks amazing, it just makes it more clean looking with no stitch lines..They can do whatever they want, I was only suggesting something that I know works
Just FYI, it can be done just as cleanly with sewing (if not better, because of no messy glue), and still not have any visible stitching. It will also last longer, because fabric glue tends to not be very permanent. Look up "stitch in the ditch" or "ditch sewing". It takes a little practice, but it's a very effective sewing technique. (It's also easier to do if you have a special kind of sewing foot, usually called a "stitch in the ditch foot", "edge join foot", or "ditch quilting foot".)
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