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@highsky: I hope you do try out San Japan. It'll be my first time going as well, in fact every convention I'm going to is new to me. I used to go to North East conventions, as I lived in New York. I may make it back to Otakon again, but that's all in how well I do with my job.

I'm glad that it sounds so nice. That's the bonus of all these conventions, seeing these bigger cities fro a weekend. Houston, San Antonio, Dallas.. the only bad part is seeing them makes me miss New York.
So far, it looks like we may try out San Japan. We have really high hopes and, plus side, it's been a very long time since I've cosplayed with others (it's pretty exciting). I hope you'll have fun at all the conventions you go to and that you're job will allow you to go to Otakon again.
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