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Whew, talk about a great few days at work, I'm easily making $70 a night. I only usually count of $40 - $50. That's some serious extra cash. :3 Plus people at my job play Pokemon.. I haven't been this excited in awhile!

So glad that I have my "weekend" coming up in a day. I can probably get most of Belldandy done, minus trim. (Reallyreallyhope I have left over sateen.)

I think I may also so some shopping for a second cosplay. I want to have two ready for Matsuri. I could do Ike, Serge, Senshi, or something like a school girl perhaps.. ooh, the choices.

I also love all the excitement for the Senshi group. That anime.. ahh, right in the childhood feels. I just remember getting up early to watch it.

And I'm glad you guys might go to San Japan, highsky! Hopefully I can say hi if you do! :3
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