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Originally Posted by dx7879 View Post
Fry's just has the best selection and prices for anime compared to stores like Best Buy and FYE. Lol, I never really buy anime though but love browsing Fry's XD Also the Yorktown mall has my favorite Too Cool!

Not sure who here went to Anime Apocalypse, but I had a great time! There was some downtime of course, but made it fun with some awesome friends lol
I haven't been in Tool Cool in years...back in middle school the lady working accused me and my friends of stealing. It's not our fault she didn't charge us for a $0.75 candy (one out of a whole pile we were buying). We thought she did, paid and left yet she tracked us down on the other side of the mall to demand us for the money...wasn't very nice.

ImaniRine, omg, you're doing Aveline!? Aaahhh, I wish I could make it to C2E2 because I'd love to see it! Bad sadly it's not over my spring break this year and I go to college in the South Any chance you'd be going to Wizard World in August?
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