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Originally Posted by Sailor Moon View Post
That works too =P Yeah I agree that classic would probably be best, as it'll be the simplest, and there may be newbie fuku makers joining in XD Oh don't worry, mine is so short I CAN NOT bend over, otherwise I flash everyone XD Here's a pic of mine, btw ... keep in mind I'm redoing the skirt to be a circle skirt and am gonna fix my sleeves cuz they got over stuffed >_>

Hmm, well if you wanted to do over the summer, maybe A-Kon would be better? Or even Anime FEST, I don't THINK school starts before it, plus with labor day weekend you know you'd have that off, lol.

Well, for people who live near me, I will probably have a little gathering at my house so we can all discuss stuff and get the more 'needs to be uniform' things made. If you don't live in the area, we'll probably make a tutorial for you, or if you're not confident that you could follow the tutorial, then maybe someone could always make the piece for you, send it to you, and you can add it to your costume.
By A-kon do you mean 2013 or 2014? I wasn't planning on going this year but I could perhaps squeeze the money out for just a room and badge.

Your Sailor Moon is so perfect *-* I hope my Mars will be as good as that. I'm just going to go ahead and commit to Mars and leave Neptune open for someone else. I think the gathering for how to make them would be great! I can always bring my camera and record videos on how to make the things for those who are out of town. I definitely think we should have one person cast all the heart gems so that they will all match. I'd be willing to do it if no one else wants to. Someone could also make all the bows so they're the same size and I would be willing to do that as well unless someone else wants to.

Also for the facebook messages here is mine: Facebook If any of you want to add me just say who you are on the forums

Originally Posted by vietgirl018 View Post
if we do the sailor moon group for next year matsuri, im totally in. I still want to do saturn and have been looking at pictures for her. I just a bit confused as to how u guys want to do the skirts.
If you can't make it to the gathering I will for sure send you a video. You're in the Houston area right? I think I've seen you post on the Houston meetup group (if you're Trang, I could be wrong)

Originally Posted by HardcoreNamine View Post
@Falclon Veeeery expensive. What sort of lolita do you usually do?

@General If there is going to be an Anime Matsuri Sailor Moon group next year, if you wouldn't mind, I'd love to join.
I love pretty much every style of lolita but right now I'm on a frill monster kick. This is me before the meetup Sunday. Once the photographers post their photos I'll be sure to link on here.

Here is the current lineup though some have changed:
Inner Group
Sailor Moon - Sailor Moon (That was obvious.)
Sailor Mercury - Open.
Sailor Mars - Possibly Falclon (Open if group extends to Outers.)
Sailor Jupiter - Open.
Sailor Venus - Zaiten (Can switch to another.)

Outer Group
Sailor Uranus - Open.
Sailor Neptune - Falclon
Sailor Pluto - Open.
Sailor Saturn - vietgirl018

Other Group
Sailor Chibimoon - Open
Tuxedo Kamen - Open
Sailor Luna - Myribee
Luna - Rangiku12

Originally Posted by Zaiten View Post
I also love all the excitement for the Senshi group. That anime.. ahh, right in the childhood feels. I just remember getting up early to watch it.

And I'm glad you guys might go to San Japan, highsky! Hopefully I can say hi if you do! :3
I will be at SJ too. That convention was a ton of fun, it has a great hotel and surrounding area.

Monster post here, hopefully I didn't make too many mistakes on it.
Currently working on: Hakuei Ren
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