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Originally Posted by Zaiten View Post
If we're doing classic, I think the "brooches" are circles, no? And super is hearts? Oh crap, I can't even remember. I'm just going with that, because I'm too sleepy to go look it up. /shame

I wonder about the bows, would that work well for different sized/height people? You know, I probably shouldn't be thinking right now. I'm brain fried. xD Just ignore me.
OTL I didn't even mean to type hearts. Yeah they're circles, I knew I messed up something in my monster post. xD

From looking at pictures of cosplays/actual artwork, no matter their height they have the same sized bows. The back ones would probably need to be made wider or narrower depending on the person's waist size but that could easily be done by one person as well.
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