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Originally Posted by SecretCosplayer View Post
What cosplay(s) are you doing. We could meet up at some of the gatherings and hang out after.
Me? :>
I'll be going as Yuko from AKB0048 ☆

THERE ARE GATHERINGS? What is this gathering you speak of? @___@

(Amg, I see what you're cosplaying for Fanime~ Good choices! c: )
Not sure how active I'll be here, so visit me on my dA! o uo

PS: I'll be going to Fanime 2013 for the first time, and cosplaying for the first time ☆
Hope to see you there! I'll be going as Yuko from AKB0048~
Please PM me if you're going! I'd love to meet up with people there ~
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