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Originally Posted by Falclon View Post
OTL I didn't even mean to type hearts. Yeah they're circles, I knew I messed up something in my monster post. xD

From looking at pictures of cosplays/actual artwork, no matter their height they have the same sized bows. The back ones would probably need to be made wider or narrower depending on the person's waist size but that could easily be done by one person as well.
We might as well make hearts as well, so we can easily go from Classic to Super if we change up our group. I forget if anything else changes off the top of my head.

And awesome-ness. For some reason I thought they changed sizes or something.

Must.. resist urge to look at Venus stuff. Bed instead. Sleeeeeep.

Edit: Besides longer back bows* to amend my what else is different though.
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