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"Tales of" Gathering - AX 2013

Hello again! I'm once again setting myself as party leader in order to coordinate this year's "Tales of" Gathering for Anime Expo 2013!

The photo system will be done the same as last year, where it will be a large group photo in the beginning before going into different titles and categories, so please please please arrive on time for the group shot if you can!

I'll be updating this post throughout the upcoming months, so please check back often for news!

Last year was a fantastic turn-out! I hope this year will be just as great or better!

Date: Day 3 "Saturday the 6th"
Time: 3:00 PM
Location: Site 3, Same location as last year's ("Outside West Hall Behind Concourse")


Symphonia 1 / 2:
Kratos Aurion - SakushiZakai from TillyMunson's Group
Genis Sage - Kotarou
Lloyd Irving - sporatic
Mithos - TillyMunson's Group
Martel - TillyMunson's Group
Yuan - TillyMunson's Group
Presea - TillyMunson's Group
Sheena - TillyMunson's Group
Zelos - TillyMunson's Group

Natalia - nataliaxasch, Shagami
Luke fon Fabre - hobocookie, Celine
Anise Tatlin - cheaglewish17 (Devilish! Outfit)
Tear Grants - Pyochi, ffviki

Yuri Lowell - POOTERS
Estellise Sidos Heurassein - Jets, bubblesofrinia (Waitress Outfit)
Rita Mordio - bubblesofrinia's friend (Waitress Outfit), mieu3
Judith -bubblesofrinia's friend (Waitress Outfit)
Karol Capel - Fol

Hubert Ozwell - shadowdragon13 (Fem Version), SabreOnaCosplay
Cheria Barnes - shadowdragon13's brother (Male Version)
Sophie - DigiAndromeda

Xillia 1/2:
Jude Mathis - roy_leingod (host)
Alvin / Ludger Will Kresnik - W7Nights
Milla Maxwell - catgirl147
Leia Rolando - Itsuka
Agria - Enjiko

Chloe Valens - Feria
Moses Sandor - Teskid

Leon Magnus- sweet-suzume


Confirmed Time! Day 3, Site 3, 3:00pm. Same as last year, easy to remember!

In addition, if you wish to meet and hang out before the gathering, I'll be in South Hall soaking up the nice air conditioning before heading over to the site early at 2:30. So if you think you'll get lost looking for the location, you can party up with me and we'll head over there.

I've added our date and time to the "Unofficial AX '13 Gathering List" and I decided to just put the same date and time as last years. As of now, only the time of the gathering may be subject to change!

Day 3, Site 3, 3:00 PM
Site 3 is the same location as last year, the stairs outside West Hall behind Concourse.

Day, Location, Time~ "Three, Three, Three."
Easy enough to remember, right?

ACParadise: Missroy

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