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Attaching hair to clothing??

So I'm a bit frustrated.

I'm trying to attach hair to a jacket in a way that makes it look neat and tidy, as well as flush to the surface of the fabric. The only way I've come up with to do it so far is to glue it at the ends and use a series of "belt loops" to guide the middle to the right places.

The problem(s) is(are) that the loops don't make for a neat look. They tend to make the hair bunch up (like a ponytail). The only thing I can think of is gluing the hair flat in the middle at a certain point, but using glue on the hair hasn't worked out well in the past. Even worse, there are loose hairs; a problem I can only imagine getting worse with time. If anyone can help think of a better way to do this, that would be great, because I am out of ideas.

Here's my progress. I'm having to constantly adjust the loops in an attempt to get the hair flat.

I am really worried about hairs coming loose. Is there a way to make the hair stick to itself in a way that won't look messy?
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