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Post Preparation

Thankfully I got more money back from my tax refund than I expected, so I have the cash to go all out. This is what I'm planning to get:

All that leaves is the gloves, the mask, the symbol, and the blue shorts/underwear. I think I can probably find the latter at Dick's Sporting Goods, too, though it's not really the kind of thing I want to search for while at work. The gloves I can probably get at Wal-Mart or Target, and the mask and symbol I'm planning to make out of felt.

Does anyone see any issues with any of this that I'm missing due to my inexperience? If not, I am planning to start ordering on Thursday so that I can get some of those clearance deals before they disappear.

Thanks for the help, again, I really needed a push in order to get going.
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