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My brother and I are both planning on doing Pandora Hearts for Otakon. The costumes still need to be made right now all that I have finished is buying the wigs. My sister might cosplay too, however she is extremely low in confidence about her ability in making costumes and is not fully sure of which character to be. Her costumes are usually better than mine though.
Anyways, my brother plans to be Isla Yura.... There I said it. Also my brother does a really creepy/weird voice for him since he does not show up in the anime. It kind of scares me since he'll leave messages on my phone pretending to be him. Creeps me out a lot.
I'm going to be Levi Baskerville. Some people spell it Revis but in guidebook 18.5 the English text says Levi so I'm going with that.
Since Otakon is in the summer I will have more time to work on the outfits. I will probably use a sewing machine to make both costumes since time is not that much of an issue. (I always have to make my brothers)
And I second being inside for the photoshoot since I get since very easily in the heat. I will try and make the costumes lightweight but both have on covered arms so it would be great if it was inside.
Otakon line up:
Louisa May Alcott: Bungo Stray Dogs
Vanitas: The Case Study of Vanitas

Cosplays I want to redo:
Alice from Tales of Sympohonia 2
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