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If you ever feel the need to bake something for them try this recipe for vegan German chocolate cake. I made it for my mother's birthday last year and it turned out amazing. They shouldn't have a problem with this delicious dessert.
Thanks, I might actually give this a go.

Made pasta earlier but unfortunately ruined it by accidently adding way too much black pepper. I don't even really like pepper so I was only gonna add a bit, but we don't really have a proper shaker so it all comes out really quickly. Only managed to eat half before I threw the rest away. I tried to add loads of cheese to make it taste milder but it didn't work, waste of cheese too then.

I would try again and make more but that was made with the ingredients I have, I'm leaving tomorrow so I didn't bother buying anymore food.
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I would have used my awesome space-time warping powers to reach through the internet and throttle your scrawny pole-dancing film-making neck.
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Someone supply with a new descriptive label for Fullbleed. Hipster doesn't even cut it any more.
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