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Im Christian but alot of my friends arent. I dont mind if others dont have the same belief, but looking at the bible...yeah, the it does say you will go to hell if you dont change your ways by the end of your life, but I would never say that....personally, I just hope that they'll change one day before they die. But its part of our religion to think that and try and get everyone we can to become a christain. Please dont see this as us shoving our religion in your face, we are simpily trying to be nice, but I know it can sometimes be very annoying. But please dont be offended!!

Story: I have a friend that believes in Hindu. I meet her when I was in 4th grade. Since she was my first friend that wasnt christian, i tried to shove get her to believe it, alot! But then she told me how I was kinda slapping her around with my trying. So when I saw what I was doing from others perspective, I simply backed off. Some people probaly have not had others show them how it feels to get slapped around by others religion, so thats probaly another reason why we people try to get others to believe in different things all the time.
What Im saying is, there are lots of religions out there, but usually people are trying to do what they believe is right. If you were to tell everyone in the world that a certain religion is right, with proof and everything, there would probaly be a war, and others still wouldnt believe it. You can always try to do reasearch if your not sure what to believe of whats right. Im pretty sure you'll find something that suits you!!

(lol wow thats the most Ive ever wrote!! Well I hope this helped someone!! Peace!)
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