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Zenkaikon welcomes Kuniko Kanawa!

Zenkaikon is happy to welcome certified Kimono consultant, Kimono model, Edo Tsumami Kanzashi artisan, Kuniko Kanawa!

In 2007, Kuniko officially became a certified Kimono consultant of the All Japan Kimono Consultant Association after graduating from Sodo Reihou Kimono College. Since attaining her certification, she has been offering her Kimono dressing service, teaching Kimono classes and workshops, and producing informative and entertaining Kimono Shows which feature Kimono dressing demonstrations. She also works as a Kimono model, utilizing the six treasured years of classical Japanese dance training in Hanayagi style under the exceptional tutelage of Hanayagi Wakana sensei.

Read more about Juniko Kanawa and all our other guests on our website.
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