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Thank you all again for your response, it's a welcome surprise! If you have any ideas, manifestos, or expectations for this photoshoot please tell me. It's a bit unorthodox, so I'm still iffy on my ideas of organization.

In other news, I don't believe I mentioned I will be cosplaying Arthur Pendragon accompanied by my lovely manservant who will be helping me run the photoshoot. Sadly, this all started with a terrible joke about uniting all of Albion...

Boyzenberry - I've been a huge Sherlockian and LOTR geek since I was small so seeing the crossovers was delightful. I also believe I'll be attending your pride meetup on friday and dragging a few friends with me.

Here is a link to my tumblr as well incase anyone needs to get in contact with me immediately (or I'm being lazy about my threads), want to chat, or complain about my shameless self promoting.
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