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I'm really strong in my religon, but why so much hate? Just because I believe in a different thing than you doesn't make it okay to say"Oh you don't believe in god, your going straight to hell" I hated it when this girl at my school decided to start pushing me."I know you love god just say it! Here, you and your family can come to my church on sunday and i'll see you there!" Finally I snapped and said no matter how hard she tried, I wouldn't listen to her. Then she just looked at me and said in my face "Your going to hell. I hope you burn and be tortured." And it's been that way for as long as I can remember. I can understand everyone has different beliefs and want friends like that, but that doesn't mean push and push and PUSH! I consider myself a Native gem because I can tell people about native stuff that they don't know about. The reason my family never gave in to the Christians that were going around taking away the Native kids was because both of my grandparents escaped. We kept our heads held high and didn't care. What i'm trying to tell you people who are being pressured is you need to not be pressured by others just because they say that something awfuls gonna happen to you just because you don't believe in their religion. You need to stand up and say "This is what I believe in and nothings going to change that"
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