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Originally Posted by Cannibal-peach View Post
Personally I've never said no aside from the one time my friend was walking away from me and I would have lost her if I hadn't run to catch up.

But I also have a question. I happened to be at Katsucon this weekend and me and a friend were cosplaying Stocking and Scanty. We were just talking near a balcony with a sitting room behind us. A few people were inside the sitting room and apparently one of the guys on the floor was filming me and my friend for a good 5 min. A man came up and told us but as he was doing so the guy filming us booked.
What would you guys do in that situation? I thought it was fairly harmless even if it was creepy and rude.
Definitely sounds creepy..I do wonder what was the point of recording you two thought if you were just talking with each other. But as for my opinion: It is a means to tell them to politely stop recording, and report them. Even in cosplay, recording someone that long and without asking is rude. I understand that people have the right to record/photograph people but what the stranger did with you and your friend is what I'd called invasive. I do have to give the man props for telling you guys about that creep.
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