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Originally Posted by Grwak View Post
Totally excited! costume almost done

A question: are masquerade costumes fine to be worn all day and then to the masq or is that just not really done?
my last 3 I've changed into it just before for different reasons
ConBravo 2011: Friends wanted to cosplay something else that day
Anime North 2012: Had a group and another version of the costume was more fitting for it then my masq. one...
Ochiba-con 2012: Wanted to cosplay something else, but since it was close to home I could easily go change over lunch...

But this year in almost ALL my masq. entries, I will be wearing them all day, even with a hotel, its a pain to go and change makeup and everything, 2 of those 3 times (CB an AN) were MAJOR pains to go change, so I'm not going to do that again... ever... as long as I can help it... a lot of my cosplays have intense, individualized makeup, so it takes an hour to change and doesn't look as good because I can never get off all the residue from the old makeup... as far as I'm aware, Costume Con is the only con where you aren't allowed to wear you cosplay all day before the event (a key reason why I'm not going! XP)
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