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Marvel 2013

It dawned on me that the O.G. Marvel thread has died and needed to be replace. So this is me, replacing it. I'm good like that.

So yeah, we're still 8 months away, but I'm sure peole have plans already. Lords knows I do. Hawkeye (or HAWKGUY if you're cool with the new ongoing) is definetly making a return, and if I actually get NOW! Cyclops done, expect that as well. Jamie Madrox would be the strong 3rd contender if my friends from VA/SC actually come up, and there's been talk of doing something Young Avengers related.

Also I would kind of like to get something serious going in terms of a shoot. I imagine a mass-gathering would happen as well, but something like they do at Dragon Con would be nice as well. We certainly got the numbers and space for a shoot where we only 1 one character represented. But we'll worry about that if there's actually interest.
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