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Cosplay not in a can
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Started up working on a new Madoka cosplay for myself, did Godoka so now time to go back and do Magical Girl Madoka! LOL Hoping it goes well, I've gotten a few things purchased but all I've managed to finish is my petticoat, the bloomers are almost done thankfully, just have to put the waistband into it.

Hopefully I can get Madoka done fast... Though I realized that the bias tape I bought it more towards the pink version over the red... Not sure if I'll stick with the pink or go to red to match things more accuretly.

2014 Cosplays for Ichibancon/Triadanimecon/Nashicon/Animazement:
Eternal Sailor Moon & Fruits Usagi, Sailor Moon.
Upgraded Magical Girl Mami, Madoka Magica.
School & SAO Asuna, Sword Art Online.
Code Black in Ashford C.C., Code Geass.
Mimori & Takamina, AKB0048.
Ballgown!TARDIS, Doctor Who.
And lots of Lolita.
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