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it's a sparkly!
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the trouble is, I'm not sure if I'm interested in scissors crown as there is all of maybe 3 peices of it online. I'm not sure if I'll like it enough to justify the cost given that I already have a nice TB book and I actually like the story from TB, etc.

It's really unfortunate that Thores' work is so hard to find online other than TB stuff. the Opera series, you can find some images of at least. Is there a lot of Opera in that book too?
None of those novels seem to come in english, though.
I wish Thores would put up a medium sized image of some of her work. People would still buy the artbook, those who want the nice big images, and then at least we could see more of her work.

Anyway, I haven't tried asking at kino or searching, yet. Like I said, I'm just not really sure I can justify the cost right now. Maybe if I could get a used copy later or something. Who knows.
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