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Originally Posted by Aurora Maryte View Post
I agree, the WCS has become crazy with their demands. I had friends competing, so I did care, but I'm glad Katsu won't be hosting it again since those people have issues(not the contestants, but the ones running it, with their entitlement and demands).

As for Katsu, I'll definitely go back. The two convention situation wasn't their fault, and even had it been that convention won't be back next year.
I might just borrow a badge though because I paid $70 and then used the badge like 3 times during the entire weekend.

And my next convention will be AnimeNEXT.
I've "judged" the WCS for a few years while it was it was at NYAF and yeah, without throwing a bunch of people I know under the bus, I can say it's a mess. I heard stories that the Katsucon judges had an easier time the last 2 years, but eff that competition. There's a reason why it's banned from the BIG anime cons in the US.

And $70 for a Katsucon badge? Yo, that's ballsy.

Originally Posted by girlswithcomics View Post
Oh my God, I was at that con last year. I just never knew the name! I went on someone else's dealer badge. Hah! Well I'll be there this year. Lol
Haha cool! I think the plan is to check out the con for Saturday dressed as Avengers (like you do) and check it out. It sounds neat, and a nice way to kill a few hours.
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