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I just wanted to note a couple of things here. We appreciate you attending the ball and your feedback and really do try to make it better each year. I am glad you enjoyed the dance lessons. We did hope to teach a few different styles however there just wasn't enough time. With so many people attending and the experience level it's easiest to stick to one thing in the time span we were given.

As for the ball itself, around 40% of the music style played were waltzes. We were actually given music by the instructors from this year, and previous years, to play based on what they would primarily be teaching in the dance lessons. I think the problem was that some of the music was just hard to recognize as a waltz, which we will definitely work on fixing for next year.

Also around 85% of the music was anime/game related, with around 10% being 'geek culture' related, and the other 5% being straight classical/formal music, and the last song thrown in because we knew it would be a crowd pleaser, and it was. It may be that you didn't recognize a lot of the music as it might night have been from something you were familiar with. The only thing I can recommend is to make suggestions because we do play requests as long as they are something that can be danced too fairly easily.

While it is a formal ball our goal is for everyone to have fun and cater to the majority. We do play a lot of formal stuff but it is an anime con and we don't want to be too stuffy.

Also the issue with the water stations - the gaylord does not permit water stations to be inside of the main ballrooms (at least that is what I have been told by their staff). We had the gaylord staff fill up all the stations in the hallway 30 minutes prior to the event. Next year we will try and work on having them moved closer.

-Formal Ball Staff

I...kinda doubt that, unless the waltzes were incredibly backloaded. I was there for all but the last 30 minutes. I counted two, perhaps 3 songs with an actual 3/4 time. That said, even if 40% of the songs were waltzes, that leaves the problem of what were people supposed to do for the other 60% of songs, given the only thing taught in the lessons *was* the waltz. But, fine, I can accept you didn't have enough time to really get into it. That's more Katsu's fault.

As for the music choice...I can't really push that further. You're right, it's possible I didn't recognize stuff, but I'm fairly sure some of my friends did and it wasn't anime/game stuff for much of it. That said, I'll cede the point, I could easily be mistaken.

The water issue I did not mean to blame on the ball staff or even Katsu staff. It sounded like a Gaylord issue, though the problem is, the Gaylord didn't even provide water stations in the *halls* until sometime Saturday. That is not a good thing. Either way, complaining here about that won't help, Katsu staff handled it really well.

In the end, I do appreciate your response and your explanation of your reasoning. I may very well suggest stuff, I do know quite a few danceable songs in the anime/video game/J-Pop category.
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