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1. Posting an organizations public contact isn't against the TOS.

2. I think that contacting the BBYO in a professional, informative matter is a wonderful idea, provided it isn't hate mail. They ought to see how they are now viewed because of this isolated incident.

3. For the people writing the BBYO, please stick to your OWN experiences, how they made you feel, and what you think the bbyo should learn from your troubles.

4. I was at Katsu, and I saw how horribly cosplayers were treated. This is the one weekend a year many people could feel normal and unjudged, and instead they were bullied the whole time. I feel the people who are reporting this thread and automatically assuming we are uncapable of sending proper letters are being just as cruel as the people from the BBYO this weekend, so I am really disgusted and disappointed with you.
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