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Originally Posted by Mirai Noah View Post
^ That's the reason I haven't updated any of my costumes in the past how many ever months. I'd really like to have my profile up-to-date, but unfortunately there are so many issues.
Ditto. I've all but stopped bothering. For every one minute it takes me upload my photos on [insert any website on the internet here], it takes me 15 minutes here. I'd like something from somebody to at least tell me what is going on with this website. However, given the track run, I don't expect much. It might sound harsh, but when you still have errors as simple as typos on your website that a half dozen people pointed out a year're just damn lazy or you don't care. There's really no excuse for it.

So...if someone has an error I missed (I ran out of room in my original post), post it here.

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