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Originally Posted by SuperBee View Post
Great list! I don't think I can add anything to it. Please don't go crazy with the perfume... Some of us has allergies. And be mindful of your baby stroller.
I agree, I don't have allergies, but I get terrible headaches when around someone wearing too much perfume. I find people always put on way too much, because they put it on according to how well the can smell it. It's always stronger than you think.

I have the same issue with smokers, nothing against you guys, but I get migraines the second I am even remotely close to a smoker. Not saying they shouldn't smoke, just don't smoke and then walk into the dealers room or in any small enclosed places where you are pressed up against people, maybe walk outside a bit and hope a breeze will blow some of the smell away. Sorry if that sounded totally rude, but I seriously cannot help giving people the dirtiest looks if they come near me after just coming in from a smoke break. This will help all those people with asthma too

And I think I have one thing to add maybe. Most of the restaurants don't allow for reservations at all over the convention because they often can't guarantee a place at a specific time because of the amount of traffic. Give yourself lots of time, and go in to ask how long for the next table before committing. In the past, my friends and I either go somewhere else or will leave and come back 15min before the time they tell us. But it's always been a sort of "hope for the best" sort of situation in my case
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