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my friends and i still don't have a lineup for a-kon pinned down yet, but i know i'm definitely cosplaying lmfaostuck terezi pyrope (with them as lmfaostuck vriska serket and lmfaostuck nepeta leijon) and fem eridan ampora (with them as fem sollux captor and fem karkat vantas). it looks like my third cosplay will most likely be roxy lalonde (with them as jane crocker and fem dirk strider - alpha ladies!), possibly grimdark god tier jade harley or god tier feferi peixes. uwu exciting!
most recent previous con: mini a-kon 2014
as: meulin leijon from homestuck

next planned con: animefest 2014
potentially as: nonon jakuzure from kill la kill,
amethyst from steven universe,
miltank gijinka from pokemon,
eridan ampora from homestuck
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