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conversation i just had with my mom.

me: do you have a medium long necklace chain I can borrow, the dollar store was out.
mom: I have lots of chains but they're expensive
me:i don't need expensive i just need a chain
mom: well what about this one
me: that's not a chain, i need a chain chain, with proper links
mom: sure it is, what do you call those
me: those are fancy, i just need a chain
mom: how about these
me: those aren't chains either, they spiral. It's okay, i'll go search my drawers again
mom: no wait, how about this, that's a chain.
me: thank you but its too short.
mom: it's not too short.
me: it is, i need it for a costume, it has to land here.
mom:well if you're putting a pendant on it, you want it to sit here
me: no, it's has-
mom: what are you putting on it?
*hands her small zip bag with pendant, then starts to look up picture*
mom: here see, you want it to see here
*she's taken the still very chipable pendant out of the bag and put it on, while my eyes bug out*
me: be careful!
mom: why
me: it's very delicate
mom: you mean it's very cheep
me: no, I mean because I made it.

Now I feel bad because I kind of snapped that last line and I think she felt bad. Parents and cosplay
this is after just getting back from the dry cleaners and them telling me my dress isn't back yet, i had to tell them I need it tomorrow. and my hair extensions were lost in the mail... seems like everything's going wrong (i had food poisoning during my days off and an allergy attack that hasn't cleared up on my face yet - from something in my makeup kit which now may have cross contaminated my expensive brushes FML).
Well I'm going to end up wearing my SoulEater cosplay either fri or sun now as my Emma Swan one has me depressed.
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