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Originally Posted by TheAnarCHris View Post
I've "judged" the WCS for a few years while it was it was at NYAF and yeah, without throwing a bunch of people I know under the bus, I can say it's a mess. I heard stories that the Katsucon judges had an easier time the last 2 years, but eff that competition. There's a reason why it's banned from the BIG anime cons in the US.

Really that isn't the reason as some one who has been staff at SDCC/Dragon*Con/AX the main reason they don't come to them is because it a space issue nothing more or less. I know three years ago SDCC was trying to work a way to have WCS be held but couldn't because of space issues. My understanding is AX is looking into trying to get the WCS.

If you were a judge at WCS then you understand what goes on.

I know that there is some discussion to hold the WCS finals someplace in the United States in a few years.
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