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Originally Posted by siyrean View Post

Now I feel bad because I kind of snapped that last line and I think she felt bad. Parents and cosplay
this is after just getting back from the dry cleaners and them telling me my dress isn't back yet, i had to tell them I need it tomorrow. and my hair extensions were lost in the mail... seems like everything's going wrong (i had food poisoning during my days off and an allergy attack that hasn't cleared up on my face yet - from something in my makeup kit which now may have cross contaminated my expensive brushes FML).
Well I'm going to end up wearing my SoulEater cosplay either fri or sun now as my Emma Swan one has me depressed.
That all sounds like really bad luck I hope things go well for you.

Also hope everyone has fun at the con I really tried to make it but all my money went into my new place. Hoping Ill get to go next year.
Had a blast at Anime North see you all at the next con!

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Unsure of costume plans

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