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At this point the cast "cages" and "bars had been sanded and were ready for paint. I also went and purchased all of the fasteners needed - something like 60 tiny nylon nuts and bolts. Definitely a small fortune in little plastic bits! The upside is that the entire barrel assembly is sitting together under it's own power for the first time, which really makes me feel like we're almost there.

I also received the 3D print of the rear gun base. If I had to do things over, I likely would not use plaster printing again. The benefit is that the printing is amazingly cheap, but the negatives is that the plaster is incredibly soft and difficult to clean up. There's also a very distinctive texture on it that needs to be worked out - but, you can't, because again the plaster is so soft that you can't really fill it with putty or filler or anything. So, I'm going to go ahead and primer it and cast it as-is, and then work down the texture once I have a resin copy.

Of course, I did take a few mock-up photos of everything for good measure!

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