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Varied to Change

Show: Gin Tama
Character: Nobume Imai
Day:Friday (upon arrival to around 4 pm)
Cosplayer:Everlasting Cosplay

Anime/Game: Amnesia
Character: Ikki
Day:Friday (Late Afternoon to rest of night)
Cosplayer:Everlasting Cosplay

Show: Queen's Blade Rebellion
Character: Siqui
Day:Saturday (morning to afternoon)
Cosplayer: Everlasting Cosplay

Game: Fate/Extra
Character:Red Saber aka Nero
Day:Saturday(Type-Moon Shoot)
Cosplayer: Everlasting Cosplay

Anime: Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
Character: Devil Stocking
Day: Sunday
Cosplayer: Everlasting Cosplay

The only definites are the Type Moon shoot and Amnesia but the others don't really have a set schedule
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