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Originally Posted by tatooine View Post
- Don't double-book with BBYO next year. Their need to keep their kids from escaping into the more-fun anime convention, which required blocking off areas of the hotel in a way that sharing the con space with adults has never done, was bad.

- Katsu needs better communication. The main Katsu page, and its Twitter feed, should have been running full time documenting all the status changes of the Gazebo Strip and the resulting Two-Con Solution. Silence on Katsu's part contributed to the confusion and unhappiness.
BBYO isn't coming back next year to my knowledge. I believe they go elsewhere each year, and this just happened to coincide.

Actually, I can tell you that from what I know took place, most of those "status changes" were things that we had to fight for and weren't cemented even after they happened. I can't count how many meetings with both BBYO and the hotel staff that the department heads had to rush off to, how many ended with "I was there, but only one of them showed up and the rest didn't bother so we have another meeting at X time", and how many times there were "well... we honestly have no idea, but this is what we have right now though it might change in a few minutes." Pretty much the congoers knew what was going on just as well as we did.
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