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Originally Posted by TheAnarCHris View Post
I imagine if there's a Thor:TDW (I honestly have no clue if there is or not), and you'd want to cosplay, you probably want something super comfty to wear. Because you'll probably end up standing there for a good chunk of the day.

Also I'm fairly certain you'd be the first Genderbent Volstagg out there. That's kinda cool.
I did the whole insane thing for the Avengers panel two years ago, which was exhausting but so worth it.

Awww I love Volstagg and was thought it would actually be really comfortable to wear and fun, it's neon pink and you get to always be eating! and now we're working on a complete genderbent Warriors Three and we have a friend who already has finished her Earth X Thor. Now all we need is a Man Sif.
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