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Thank you both for the pictures. Couldn't find what your looking for specific but that shouldn't be a problem.

Originally Posted by WantAGuava View Post
I'm looking for a tutorial for long Chinese hair pin and a rigid tear drop shaped fan.

Photo refe for what I'm spouting nonsense about:
Try making the hair sticks out of chopsticks. You can even find metal ones out there. The screen fan could be made out of card stock and bamboo or dowel. The gold decoration can be make out of posterboard, foam board, eva foam etc. You can layer it for the effect.

Originally Posted by SaiSaiCosplay View Post
I am looking for a Natalia's Bow and Arrow tutorial... Reference here Please help! :P
Try Youtube. There are alot of tutorials on how to make pvc bows. I wouldn't make them in the house. Maybe in the garage with a heat gun. The bow can also be made with foam board or similar but you'll have to work at getting it round. It helps when you search this site if you know what kind of bow that is...long bow, composite, yumi, etc. Talk to the Hunger Game cosplayers. My human suggest this site. The difficult part about bows and arrows at con is that even the prop ones maybe not be allowed. Arrows can be made out of dowels, don't tip them.
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