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The Newly Announced "Otakon Vegas"

I've read the message the chairman sent out, but what do you all think about this? Is it fair to Otakon's loyal attendees? Will it take away from Otakon in Baltimore? What are your concerns and opinions.

And now a message from Otakon's Con Chair:

Hi all - Convention Chairman for Otakon - I've seen some great comments here, and I wanted to thank everyone for your feedback. I wanted to comment quickly on some of the concerns that I've seen shared here, specifically those that surround moves, fears of dilution of efforts, and so on.

Otakon is not moving. We remain in Baltimore, and have no plans of moving regions. Otakon Vegas is a second event. (Second Impact.. I have a great love for Baltimore, and they have and continue to show Otakon a great deal of support.

Otakon and Otakon Vegas have separate planning groups and different Chairmen. While some core individuals are on both committees, there was a careful choice to separate the resources going into the show. Otakon Vegas is expected and planned to be a different experience than Otakon.
Throughout discussions, there has always been a careful choice to ensure the primary event for Otakorp, Inc. continues to be the annual meeting that is Otakon.

With that being said, the mission of Otakorp, Inc. drives us to broaden our reach to more people in the country. The challenge the staff have committed to is to do so without lessening the experience that our established membership on the East Coast enjoy. Thus, a spinoff event was finally considered and approached.

As the convention chairman of Otakon, I'm extremely focused on the 20th event that happens about six months from now. The work that the volunteers for Otakorp, Inc. execute throughout the year supports multiple events; Otakon, the Music Festival, our showings at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC, the Matsuri, our online presences, and now Otakon Vegas. Even so, the vast
majority of our staff and our planning efforts goes towards Otakon, and will continue to do so.

I am confident that you will see that when I open the doors to the 20th Otakon in August.

-- Terry Chu, Conchair Otakon 2013
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