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Thank you both very much!
I'm really leaning toward the Jeannie wig right now--it even has the long hair on the side! And if it's too short, I can always buy wefts, sew them onto wig clips, and clip them on. I'm not sure if it'll work for this wig, but from what I saw in the tutorial, it seems like it would. However, I'm still a bit hesitant to just buy it right now without knowing some things, though. Do either of you know if I can remove the up ponytail? And the wig's description says it comes with another ponytail (if I'm reading it right). Could I just clip it on the bottom and cover it? or should I still stub the bottom of the wig, and add a weft?
And with my head size (I didn't measure it properly, but around the top of my head was 24 inches), would it fit? The description only says if it's OVER that size I would need to conceal it, but says nothing about at that size.
Any answers would definitely be appreciated.
Friday and Saturday, at Acen: Going as Lisbeth from Sword Art Online. I'm about 85% done now. I only need to make the neck ribbon, the arrows on her sleeves, and style the wig (which is basically pre styled. I just need to part it and cut a tiny piece). About another afternoon or so left.
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