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Maplestory Luminous cosplay help

I am cosplaying Luminous from the game Maplestory, however I am having quite some trouble figuring out what to use for, certain parts of his costume.

Here are a few reference pictures..

For one thing I can't figure out how to make the belt that is wrapped around his waist, let alone what to use for it, I looked in my local craft store but I didn't see anything that was big enough for me to use for the belt?

The next part of his costume I can't figure out how to go about doing it are, those strange gray cuffs, around his wrist and upper elbow, and towards the top of his boots..I was thinking of making possibly making the bot belt/cuff out of dark grey fabric, but I can't say the same for the arm cuffs?
Speaking of his arms I was thinking of possibly making those brown arm covers; (I,m not sure of their technical name, same goes for the greyish arm and leg cuffs)?

As for his boots should I just buy a pair of dark brown boots, and glue golden fabric, to them using shoe glue (or in the case of the straps on the middle of his boot, paint a belt golden, then glue it)in order to make the golden patterns on his shoes. Or just sew together a pair of boot covers?

As for the diamond pattern in the middle of his mantle/caplet, would that be a separate piece that I would make out of sculpy, or just simply a piece of fabric, to sew or glue to the mantle?

Lastly, I was trying to figure out how to make his dual-staff; I was thinking of possibly using a broom handle for the base, and two Styrofoam rings for the ring shaped head pieces, but beyond that I am quite stuck, particularly on the strange star shaped detail on each of the staffs heads?

Any suggestions and help would be appreciated..
Thank you in advance..
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