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Originally Posted by uniquecreator View Post
This is in response to Asian Psylocke's request. I do not want to be the one to discourage you in any way, but this is a very advanced outfit to make if this is your first try in making an outfit. I am writing to you before you go on and spend a lot of money and then end up frustrated with the outcome. This outfit is a form fitting outfit that requires stretch fabric. Stretch fabric is very challenging to work with because it tends at STRETCH while you are sewing it. So you can sew your pieces and put the outfit together and when you try it on, the horror begins. It may warp here and there and everywhere. In order to work with stretch fabric, first the pattern has to be made to accommodate the amount the fabric you choose stretches per inch and then you need a different needle for stretch fabric. Then you may need some type of stabilizer to make sure some of your seams do not stretch while sewing it. When you are sewing it, your best bet is to try it on, meaning do more fittings on yourself than you would regularly do with a cotton base piece, this will help you with being to adjust the pieces as you go along. Then the finishing have to be merrowed to make the seam has an extra safety stitch in case the stitches crack. You have to use polyester thread or stretch thread on your machine and bobbin. Your hems, around the neck and wrist require special attention or stabilizer to help it from warping. I hope that if you do go one with this project, you will understand that it will take up more time and patience to finish it. Please understand again this message is to help you understand prior to spending money and to avoid aggravation. An outfit made out of cotton or Twill/Cotton is a better bet for a first time project.
Thanks! Luckily I'm not going at this by myself because, like you said, I would get frustrated easy and end up commissioning someone instead. My mother-in-law is going to help me and she is a lot more familiar with sewing than I am. I also just found out that my friend's mom was a seamstress, so I might be able to get her help too.

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