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I love using this site because it's so helpful, and it's just always been THE cosplay site for me, but it is getting a little frustrating. I appreciate all the hard work that goes into maintaining the website, and I know Admin and anyone else involved must be busy and can't always prioritize the site when none of us are paying to use it. But the transition really has been stuck in-progress for a really, really long time with little to no updating to keep us in the loop. Deadlines for the completion of changes have almost always been missed by a long shot, to the point where it made me wonder why Admin bothered to tell us things were going to happen at a certain time at all (which is why I'm guessing Admin isn't bothering to give us due dates anymore). It's cool, I know life gets in the way, but some updates about what's going on and realistic goals for when everything's going to be finished would really be appreciated. I can adjust to new things, but it's frustrating trying to adapt to this current, unfinished layout. A lot of things are a huge hassle to get to now because you have to go a crazy round about way to get to it (if it's even possible at all). I'm getting to the point where it's making me want to use other cosplay sites as my main resource. I've been tied here for 10 years now though, so I haven't had the heart to do it just yet.

I think all we really want is just for Admin to try to set aside the time to get this site where it needs to be, or perhaps recruit some help from others if he no longer has the time to maintain the site himself. I mean, the site's usability should be important to Admin too, since there are ads and a wig shop to keep getting revenue from. It's not just in our interests to have the site back up to speed!
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