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Originally Posted by Rainingmadness View Post
I think everyone said what needed to be said about the BBYO. So I will skip talking about that.
Whenever I go to Katsucon it is for one thing and one thing only and that is the AMV contest. This year the AMV contest was absolutely terrible on a technical level. The first showing on Friday was delayed for 30 minutes before they got the audio and video working. However even then, the audio was completely trashed with low volume, the bass set to a high setting, and an audio delay that caused all the videos to lose their timing. During the showing, three videos were cut off due to either the disc or the original file being corrupted which is inexcusible since anyone I know would have double checked their stuff to prevent that kind of issue. It also begs the question why didn't the coordinator bring his laptop incase the raw footage was needed?
The second day it took only 25 min to get everything started. The good news this time is that the sound settings were no longer an issue. However the 5th entry in action AGAIN cut out, this time it was being run through his computer so it was indeed a corrupted file. What the heck!?! How is that even possible? Why would someone not go through all of his material after the travesty from the Friday showing? I am not sure if the same issues occurred for the other 2 videos because we left after that.
During the amv salad 6/amv contest awards (because apparently those needed to be put together). It took almost an hour to get the video and audio working this time! Once he got the media working did he quickly apologize and jump right into the video? No, he had to spend another 10 minutes tooting his own horn first.
I personally find the current person running the amv contest to be in way over his head and is quite frankly to be unprofessional with my brief interaction with him both in person and through my emails with him when I would submit my videos. Some of the staff I talked to seem to really dislike him. I seriously hope that Katsucon takes the amv contest away from him and gives it to someone who can handle it like the black star cosplayer from 2011 (I think his name is Gene Starwind 21122 on I even ran into him this year and he expressed to me that he has been wanting to run it again, but the con won't give it to him. Even when he ran it there were technical problems sure, but the guy was able to resolve them much faster and most importantly LEARNED from his mistakes by demanding sound checks BEFORE the contest started. The guy was able to charge up the crowd as well. The current guy only gets crickets when he tries to tell jokes.
I hope some authority figure from Katsucon reads this and considers making the change. I am seriously saddened by its current quality. Although I liked the trophies, those were the only things that were done right. To the guy whose video beat me in my catagory with his gurren lagann amv, congrats! It was a very well edited and energetic video, hats off to you and I look forward to competing with you again if Katsucon actually makes the change.
Let me say this it's not necessarily the con that willn't give it back. I gave it up because I thought I was moving to Texas. There are other things going on that I can't discuss. However I want to say I enjoyed the convention this year.

Also as far as your comments go about me running it in the past, I appreciate them. I will be running T-Mode in April. I just got the notice last week. So I've been working on the rules and will have them up tomorrow hopefully on It's going not be as pretty as I want it to be but we'll get a show going at the convention.
Cons I'll be attending in 2011 and cosplay's I'll be wearing:

Katsucon - BLACK*STAR
OtakuFest (MD- 1 day event) - BLACK*STAR
Anime Mid Atlantic - BLACK*STAR, Kabuto Yakushi, Gene Starwind
Otakon (maybe) - (depending on work schedule)
Anime Weekend Atlanta - BLACK*STAR, Gene Starwind
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