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Originally Posted by NekoMimiChan View Post
I'm having some trouble figuring out what to wear and when. I have a bunch of costumes I'd like to wear, but I'm undecided specifically about Saturday - since that's usually the day for big and bold costumes.

I have the following either done or almost done:
Nun: Hitman Absolution
Mai: King of Fighters
Kotoko: Chobits
Morrigan: Darkstalkers (not sure about this one, the wings can be annoying to carry)
Journey person: Journey
Asuka (sundress): Evangelion
Aria T'loak: Mass Effect 2-3 (lots of make-up with this one)

What should I do?!
See if there are groups or meetups that look interesting; let that help you decide.

You don't want to be Aria on Sunday if everyone else does Mass Effect on Saturday. (well, I dunno, maybe you do)
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