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Alright in my dream, I dreamt that I was crying on the floor because someone I knew died. I covered myself with a blanket and held it tightly and kept crying. Then all the sudden I woke up crying I was sitting up and I startled myself. I told myself it wasn't real. A year and a half later my dream actually happened, someone did die. I found myself doing the same thing in my dream I realized I had done this before then I thought about my dream. After that I didn't sleep much. On that same day I swear I saw the ghost of the one who died. Everything moved in slow motion as it happened he looked at me with red eyes, I couldn't explain how bazaar it was. Soon after this happened I found myself predicting my future, which is even more bazaar. You don't have to believe me but I know its the truth. I wouldn't even believe anyone who wrote this but it's my experience to share with everyone else. O.o
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