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Reinforcing plastic/rubber?


I am wondering if anyone has any ideas about reinforcing a plastic/rubber (vinyl, can't find a specific chemical composition) yoga ball so that it is hard? I was thinking some sort of spray or paint but I don't know any products.

I asked around a bit already, and got paper mache as a suggestion, which I am very interested in trying because logically I can see it working and the price is very affordable. I also got a fiberglass suggestion, but the suggester decided that was not a good route to take because it is too expensive (I don't have a ventilator or anything like that either). I don't have a budget but I can't go super extravagant either. Whatever method it is doesn't have to be completely smooth, this ball will eventually be covered in fabric anyway so as long as there are no large bumps that's alright.

I'd really like input from people who have a good working knowledge of things like this or can at least hypothesize about what various techniques will work.
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