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Not to make excuses for anyone, but a lot of the bug and alignment issues are because the new layout and old layout have conflicting style rules for general bits of code. For example, the style code that makes the small post edit buttons looks like it was tacked on as a quick fix for something on a specific page (it is internal css at the top of the html on each page, not in the regular css file), but ended up overruling the proper css style and causing trouble on the forum. If you remove the internal css it displays fine.

At least browsers are less strict now and ignore stuff like the double body tags and extra/missing end divs, otherwise this whole forum would be broken. (Seriously, go look at the source code.)

Web design isn't always easy, especially when there are multiple people working on it or someone new takes over, and it takes a lot of work to fix things up. I do wish they would just hire someone full time to take care of the main site and just get it over with.

I could point out every single thing that is broken and exactly how to fix it (it's second nature for any web developer), so I'm doubly frustrated nothing is getting done. It's not an impossible task, just time consuming and frustrating for everyone.

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