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Every year I look forward to going to Katsucon and each year this is something different.

I'm gonna jump on top of the elephant in the room. Jewcon. Okay so it may be a bit harsh to call it that but really Gaylord? Every year you seem to book some sort of religious event when Katsucon comes into town. In the past it wasn't too bad when we practically crashed someone's wedding with a hotel full of cosplayers. Well didn't crash but both families loved seeing all the cosplays we worked so hard on. The government event in '10? '11? I forget when but military old guys getting their dance on in the rave was kinda epic. However with all the other events that went on in the past with Katsucon, it was the BBYO that set everyone over the edge. I'll admit I too was angry when we lost the Gazebo to them, but we did get it back. Now I'm not hating on the BBYO since most of the adults were very cooperative with Katsucon staff, but when you got a convention meant for high school teens that is placed next to Katsucon, you gotta expect stuff is going to happen. Most of us just ignored the BBYO and obnoxious teens but some of us unnecessarily stooped to their level of immaturity to antagonize and provoke the tension between the two cons. As far as we know it, the BBYO is banned from the Gaylord from damages caused by these kids. Even after all of our shenanigans the Gaylord still allows Katsucon to roam their halls and atrium and we should be grateful for that and I know most, if not all of you will be that each year we have a place to celebrate our love for anime, cosplay and the Japanese culture.

Anyway as for everything else, Katsucon was a success. Good panels, great cosplays and decent weather make this con worth it all. However, did we really need 5 homestuck panels? 5? Really? I'm pretty sure 1 or 2 would suffice.

Yay Gazebo. As popular as this place is, there are other great spots around the convention center for photo shoots and I'm not just talking about the fountain either. There was a bit of 'clogging' between photoshoots since one shoot scheduled for a certain time had to wait for another to finish. So for future reference, if you're gonna have a photoshoot at a certain location at a certain time, make sure you have ample time, room and work with the previous or next shoot so that everyone can get enough time in a location without having to wait or be rushed.

Back to panels, Katuscon staff needs to make sure a panel room is cleared, cleaned and ready for the next scheduled panel. When setting up for the 18+ Dating Game, we had to spend an extra 10-15min cleaning up from the panel before. Did anyone else notice the dust on the floor of some rooms? These weren't just bunnies but freaking dinosaur sized dust balls, ick!

As usual Katsucon staff is very helpful, polite and do their best to help out in a bad situation.

With that said, see you all next year!

Oh and BTW, for the douche who stole my badge, I hope an angry badger attacks you in your balls.
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